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“Although the recent ruling from the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals on concealed weapons permits didn’t compel Orange County Sheriff Sandra Hutchens to begin issuing permits under the new rules, the sheriff, much to our admiration, chose to, anyway…

The new policy in Orange County is worthy of praise, and one the other counties should follow, as the sheriff joins with a majority of state and local law enforcement agencies that allow ‘concealed carry’ under similar provisions.

Thirty-six states, and a number of inland and rural California counties that traditionally have been more permissive in defining a good cause for carrying a concealed gun, are largely not hotbeds of gun crime. In fact, the state with the lowest level of gun murders per capita, according to a 2010 FBI study, was Vermont, whose high court banned requirements on permits for carrying weapons in 1903…

[U]nder the provisions [for a concealed weapon permit] laid out by the Sheriff’s Department, self-defense is adequate cause. That’s not the case with other urban counties, which for decades have blocked otherwise responsible, law-abiding citizens from carrying a gun for self-defense.

It is reassuring to see the O.C. Sheriff placing the law before political considerations. We hope to see police agencies in neighboring counties soon follow suit.”

“Sheriff Sides with Self-Defense,”, Mar. 11, 2014


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