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Con to the question "Should Adults Have the Right to Carry a Concealed Handgun?"

“Thanks to a relentless campaign by the gun lobby, state concealed carry laws (commonly known as ‘CCW’ laws) aren’t just bad; they’re getting worse…

Americans want solutions to our nation’s gun violence epidemic – which kills more than 30,000 and injuries almost 70,000 each year – and understand that widespread carrying of concealed weapons isn’t the answer; it’s part of the problem…

Most existing CCW permitting schemes are full of dangerous gaps, allowing too many people to carry weapons in too many public places.

Contrary to the claims of the gun lobby, research shows that permissive CCW laws do not decrease crime. In fact, these laws may increase crime.”

“America Caught in the Crossfire: How Concealed Carry Laws Threaten Public Safety,”, Dec. 11, 2009


“To end the epidemic of gun violence in this country, we need laws and policies that work. LCAV focuses on policy reform at the state and local level, marshaling the expertise of the legal community to help transform America’s gun policies from the grassroots up. Strong state and local measures address concerns of specific communities and regions, improve community health and safety, fill gaps in federal policy, and act as a catalyst for the broader reforms our country needs.

Community education and action are critical to achieving sound gun laws and policies. Lawyers bring an essential set of skills to this challenge. By making complex legal and policy issues understandable, conducting legal research, analyzing existing and emerging policy strategies, and generating model regulations, LCAV informs and educates communities, and empowers advocates and governments to pursue effective measures that are legally defensible.”

“Mission & Philosophy,” Legal Community Against Violence (accessed Sep. 23, 2010)


“Legal Community Against Violence is a public interest law center dedicated to preventing gun violence. Founded by lawyers, LCAV is the country’s only organization devoted exclusively to providing legal assistance in support of gun violence prevention.”

“Mission & Philosophy,” Legal Community Against Violence (accessed Sep. 23, 2010)

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